Wedding ceremonies

wedding rings and flowersTraditional church or registrar-led marriage ceremonies comprise two parts: the completion of the marriage register and the ceremony itself.
A celebrant-led ceremony is just the ceremony part. The couple must complete the register at a register office – this is usually done before the ceremony, either on the same day or a day or two earlier. As a former registrar I am happy to advise on the legal preliminaries that need to be completed for a legal ceremony.

Once the register has been completed it means the couple have complete freedom to hold their ceremony wherever they wish, indoors or out, at home or elsewhere at any venue.

Through choosing a celebrant-led wedding you can have a truly unique ceremony, tailored to meet your personal preferences. You are able to include your own vows, although I have suggestions for your ceremony if you need a starting point to work from. Many people like to include readings as part of their ceremony. It is a good way for family members or friends to be directly involved in your ceremony. There are plenty of books and websites featuring readings suitable for weddings, but I have included a link at the bottom of the page to a selection of readings you may like to consider.

Happy bride and groom on their wedding. Wedding couple bride and groom holding hands. Wedding bouquet closeup.

The fee for a wedding will vary slightly depending on the circumstances: location, date, whether you want a full rehearsal prior to the ceremony etc. I will be happy to give you an estimate of fees due once I have some information regarding the type of ceremony you would like for yourselves.

Click here to download a selection of readings for your ceremony.